My Ideas and Offers for

Your New - Projects

I offer you my advice concerning your new projects. Designing Application Structures, Database- Connections, Ocx, protocolled Error- Handlers, File- Structures and above all what to do and what to avoid - and all this based on practical experience with small and large size projects.
We talk about problems concerning heterogen database logics of databases of two or more of your customers. Design portable and easily to maintain interface applications using the combination of DLLs and stored-procedures and triggers.
Database-Design As-If-Programming
Surely, you know how to use, create, and configure databases,and you know what kind of tables, columns and data types you need.
(Click here, if you want to be sure). My intention is to talk to you about indices and the enormous possibilities of triggers; about the problems concerning many inner-joins in selects, about the problems concerning foreign-keys using replication and about stored procedures - a secret hint for developing fast running parts of applications, and moreover they are easily to be programmed.
You have got a concrete conception concerning the runtime behavior and the dialogues belonging to them. I develop As-if-applications for you. I am going to show how your applications will look like, if your dialogues are easy to use, what the response latency will be like, etc and all that before you will have started you final programming. You can test the dialogues together with future and present customers and thus avoid needless programming.
As a Team-Leader or Special-Solver working in your Team. Contact me.