My Ideas and Offers for

Your SQL - Projects

Installation of SQL-Server-software and (free of charge) MSDE Server-drivers. Defining and organizing of your SQL-Server. Setting the limits for main memory usage, defining the priority and the security level. Setting up the database in relation to size, expansion, and separation into tables. Installation of service plans including data compression, backup, opitimization, and validity checks. Creating of tables and columns including defining indices. Programming the trigger. Testing the backup process. Testing the reconstructions. Delivering up the basic installation to the system administrator including training and information.
Installation of replication systems on all PCs. Choice of the replication modus. Choice of publisher, distributor, subscribers, articles, and periods of synchronization. Installation of IP-file-replication on all pcs concerned. Creating of sychronization filters. Installation and testing of automatic reactions taking place in case of a critical situation. Simulation of cases of emergency. Installation and testing the router. Testing each single synchronization. Calculation of the synchronization-costs. If needed, calculating alternative ways of replication. Delivering up the basic installation to the system administrator including training and information.
Administration Stored Procedures, Trigger, Views
Changes and Extensions of all default values, tables, columns, and especially triggers. Change and extension of all replication settings.
Programming and change of stored procedures, triggers and views to support and optimize the customer's applications.
Service SQLDMO
After having installed the system, the server, the Databases , the support- and backup-systems, and the replication system are serviced. The SQL-Server features and some of my special application permanently monitor all processes. In any unusual case they react directly by delivering a message to you or transmitting the message to me by e-mail.
Additional Feature: Changes and Extensions of all values and settings.
Visual Basic or VBA applications to control, check and monitor the SQL server database, the MSDE database, backups and replications. The application can be created according to the customer's necessitites. The application are capable of controling the server automatically depending on the given orders. And it is capable of reacting immediately on special situations, problems, and errors.
Automatic exchange of texts and data between synchronized Databases
You have got data, texts, pictures, price-lists, offers, and orders in your headquarters. You want to transfer them to your employees at your branches, building sites, working-places at home, managers in their cars, and your representatives. New data shall be taken to your headquarters by them. And all this as fast as possible and as cheap as possible. Your work, even if not finished before 7 p.m., shall be at hand wherever you want it early next morning.
The SQL-Replication combined with my special IP-File-Synchronization increases the efficiency, security, and the independence from time of data exchange. Very short transfer time due to high compression. No Lent-Line. Units with only few PCs will get the Database-Server MSDE for free (supported and sponsored by Microsoft). Scheduling the synchronization wil be pre-defined, the transfer process will run without the need of any staff to supervise it. Filtering of incoming data and texts will be granted.
The replication system is more efficient and of better value than anything else you could choose to transfer your data, think of mail, disk,CD or online. You do not have to pay any lent-line. You are not limited by any online-capacity. You work without any restrictions wherever you are with your own database.
You determine the frequency of data-transfer between your headquarters and your branches yourself. You can transmit 1MB of uncompressed data for 5Cents per minute at night. For this tranmission you do not need anybody to supervise the process. It will be filter-controlled, fully automatical from your headquarters to your branches and vice versa.