You search for professional IT-Solutions?
I have got the means to find them!

My professional background:
30 years experience in designing and maintaining small and large scale projects. I have designed, developed and maintained, including supervising, each project, I have been involved in, for 20 years. Applications for CPM, DOS, Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT4 and W2k have been designed and programmed in areas of Fortran, C, C++, GW-Basic and Visual Basic. I have expert knowledge and practical experience in OLE, OCX, DAO, ADO, SQLDMO, ODBC etc..In addition to that I have created and coded macros and extension-dlls for Word6, Word7, Word8, Access and Excel. I prefer working in a team, to find abstract definitions for the working process and to realize them.
For four years I have been working with SQL, especially for Microsoft SQL-based products. I am going to work with SQL-servers and MSDE including all features of the Microsoft Office environment. I am interested in working out complex tasks both efficiently and quickly. Nevertheless the programs will work at a fast latency response. Therefore my knowledge and experience in this field makes me your ideal partner for databased projects.
I work offline or online according to your demands at every place reachable by internet. I have got ADSL-connection. A 30 channel-bundeling-connection via ISDN is at hand.


Basic installation, monitoring, backups, administration, Stored Procedures, Trigger, Views, SQLDMO.

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Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, SQL- Database-bindings, Makros, Dlls.

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Design & Show

Project-Design, -Programming
As-If-Programming, Database- Transfer, Interface-Design.

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