Examples of my Projects
1970 - 2000

JuMaS, Office-Management for lawyers in the 21st century
PC, Network, Router, Word8 und Word9, Access, Excel, SQL-Server with Replication, MSDE
Language and equipment: Microsoft Visual Basic, OLE, OCX, ADO, SQLDMO, ODBC
Management-system for judicial demands
State-of-the-art management-systems for single- and multi-local use including automatic text- and databased replication, automatic e-banking, fax and e-mail, automatic hortatory proceedings, lots of background monitoring (payment by instalments etc.), automatic conversion of data from other programs via interface etc. and a complete software for attorneys, lawyers, solicitor.
Partner: Fa Enermic Fulda
Kanzlei König, Bayreuth
Live-Update, automatical Online-Update-System
Platform: PC, Router, SQLServer, SQL-Server or MSDE branches.
Language and equipment: Microsoft Visual Basic, OLE, ADO, SQLDMO
Live-Update-System für single- and multi-local JuMaS-Systems. The com- pressed data are downloaded automatically from a support server. It includes texts, Applications with dlls and OCXs, SQL-Scheme-Changes, SQL- Row-Inserts-Updates-Deletes, SQL-Stored-Procedures, and SQL-Views.
Special feature: Automatic partial deinstallation and reinstallation of the replications in case of Scheme-changes using SQL-Server 7.
Partner: Kanzlei Tippman und Otto in Flöha, Chemnitz und Thalheim
Virtual Assistant, modern online Supportsystem
PC, Router, Soundcarts, Headphones, Netmeeting, SQL-Server
Language and equipment: Microsoft Visual Basic, OLE, OCX, ADO, ODBC
Support for JuMaS. It enables the immediate and direct audio-visual link between an user and the Support-Team. Each member of the team has the means to control remote the users PC and to transfer control to other members of the team. You can use Virtual Assistant even as an online training-system.
Partner: Kanzlei König Bayreuth
Fa. Enermic, Fulda
Juwel 16/32, Established software for lawyers of the 1990s
PC, Network, Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT , Microsoft Office, in special Word2, Word6, Word7, Word8, proprietary Network-Multi-Document-Printmanager
Language and equipment: Microsoft C und C++
Details: Multitasking software for attorneys, solicitors etc of the 1990s. Juwel was the first German software for attorneys running under Windows.
Partner: Fa Enermic Fulda
Kanzlei Unützer, Wetzlar
REMA, Software for lawyers of the 1980s
Selfconstructed Hardware(Multiprozessing Z80/Master-Slave) , Proprietary- Multiuser-Operatingsystem, Proprietary Wordprocessing, Proprietary Printerdriver
Language and equipment: Basic, Assembler
Details: Software for attorneys of the 1980s.
Partner: Kanzlei Dr. Niejahr, Frankfurt
Mauro, Delivery Software
PC, Laptop, Modem oder ISDN, Access, PcAnywhere Windows 95/98/NT, Microsoft Office, in special Excel, Word6, Word7
Language and equipment: Microsoft Visual Basic, OLE, OCX, DAO
Software for delivery- agents. You can develop and print out offers at your customer’s office. Texts and data are transferred automatically from and to your headquaters.
Partner: Dreske&Krüger, Hannover
WoFiQuick, internal support of bookkeeping Software
PC, Network, Access, Excel, Quicken, SQL-Server, Windows 95/98/NT
Language and equipment: Microsoft Visual Basic, OLE, OCX, ADO
Internal program to support the organisation of your bookkeeping software. It ceates offers nearly automatically, produces and books recurrent bills for support and service, automatical monitoring of accounts receivable in combination with the support database. Automatic data tranfer of budget organisation/planning.
Partner: Juwel EDV, Fulda
Landforst, Complete software to manage forest properties
Platform: Self-constructed Hardware, CPM, proprietary Printerdriver
Language and equipment: Basic
Details: Complete software to manage forest properties
Partner: Graf Westerhold, Herbstein
Werner, Software for Garages
Platform: Self-constructed Hardware, CPM
Language and equipment: Basic
Details: Software for Ford und Renauld Garages
Partner: Autohaus Klein, Herbstein
SoGa, Software for Gastronomers
Platform: Self-constructed Hardware, CPM
Language and equipment: Basic
Details: Management for gastronomers
Partner: Gastätte Greuter, Frankfurt
First installation of EDV at FBU Langen
Platform: Middle-Sized-Data-Technology: Kienzle
Details: Realizing the training of edv in a real estate firm.
Partner: FBU Langen
Reorganization of local governmental districts
Platform: IBM 360
Software for the definition of types of local and municipal districts during the reorganization of the state NRW
Partner: University of Münster