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The Possibilities
You may be amazed about the range of possibilities for rationalization given in Windows standard applications WORD and EXCEL, which are installed at most of the workstations today. At the one end of the range we find simple macros, at the other one links with databases and supporting software and queries in SQL and ACCESS. Use the extension-dlls instead of macros. They reduce the size of the You will practically not be restricted by anything using your individual extensions. For instance by using additional dialogues or complex filtered database connections with ADO.
The Realization
Create individual looking letters of any kind based on standard patterns, fill in addresses automatically. Let your offers be created by an application. Your data can be inserted automatically into your orders and invoices. Statistics of any kind, information about companies, persons and goods can be available at any time. And of course, special features for your own workstation. You can use the extensions without any training. They use given standard software and so work according to various demands. Additional extensions can be realized very fast and worth the value.
The In-Text-Dialogue is one of the extensions for Microsoft WORD I have developed.
Your standard texts or templates will be extended with additional, pre-defined text elements, you can write on your own. Thus the texts are built up by a vast number of sentence- and paragraph-elements. This leads to a very individualistic touch of your outgoing text. You save quite a lot of time and can be sure of writing your letter correctly - concerning content, grammar and syntax.